Reed 5A Tonearm
Reed 5A Tonearm
Reed 5A Tonearm
Reed 5A Tonearm

5A Tonearm

An angling- 90o -tangential-pivot-tonearm.

2 Years




Reed’s 5A tonearm is introduced as an angling- 90o -tangential-pivot-tonearm, it is based on the Double Birch/Thales geometry and will complement their tangential tonearm lineup.

  • Armtube suspension system is similar to the one used in Reed 3P tonearm.
  • Tonearm’s back link uses low-noise ceramic rolling bearings.
  • Lever uses low-noise ceramic rolling bearing and rests on the sapphire – molybdenum carbide thrust bearing.
  • Sapphire – molybdenum carbide thrust bearings are also used for tonearm’s front link, vertical and horizontal axes.
  • Tonearm has VTA and azimuth setup and can be configured with Reed or SME (universal headshell connector) headshells.
  • To make sure tonearm setup is precisely horizontal, tonearm has integrated level and horizontal plane adjuster.

Mounting distance
251 mm (platter diam.max.= 330 mm)

Tracking error
+/- 4 Minute of Angle (MOA)

Effective mass
10g -16 g depends on the armwand material

Height adjustment
compatible with 26÷46 mm height platters

VTA adjustment
precision +/- 0.2 mm

Azimuth adjustment
+/- 8 deg

Downforce range
10÷30 mN (cartridge mass 5.5 g – 19.5 g,(4.0 g – 25,0 g))

Offset angle, overhang
0 deg, 0 mm

Integrated level, accuracy
+/- 2 mm/m