Quiescent Apex Component Couplers
Quiescent Apex Component Couplers

Apex Component Couplers

Astounding critics and customers, Quiescent’s couplers work by draining high-frequency noise from your system’s chassis and eliminating mechanical vibration.

3 Years


Deployed in sets of three per audio separate, the improvements are significant across the entire frequency spectrum without compromising the musical signal.


The majority of equipment isolation platforms and component isolators are designed to prevent unwanted vibration being transmitted into your equipment. Most conventional solutions are regular shapes such as cylinders, cones or cubes with uniform sides and often polished surfaces. Although simple to produce and attractive to look at, these shapes have an inherently resonant acoustic behaviour. They also do not solve the real issue of what causes the loss of musical information. That is to say that airborne vibration is less significant than the high frequency vibration caused by electronic component resonance and circulating eddy currents induced by electromagnetic fields in the equipment.

The Vertex Kinabalu platforms were Quiescent’s first attempt at solving the problem of providing a path for these damaging forms of energy to be led away and dispersed. Like other solutions, the Kinabalu had uniform and familiar forms making it an ideal platform support and winning many awards and plaudits. Work with Kaiser Acoustics in creating the Leading Edge product range took this a step further by providing an improved path into their irregular and non-uniform labyrinth inside the platform.

What Quiescent knew is that the appliance of high-frequency engineering was the key to improving performance. They also suspected that a solution in closer proximity to the equipment was needed which is why the Vertex couplers for the Kinabalu and Leading Edge range were upgraded to include vibrational and EMI/RFI absorption technology albeit in a small package.

Through their research in finding the ultimate goal of a wide-band, multi-phase device that exhibits a high return loss over multiple frequencies, they developed their patented approach used in the Apex couplers and other components in the range. This research has led to absorption labyrinths that are far more effective than their Kinabalu platforms and Leading Edge products allowing them to place the needed technology directly inside the couplers and in closer proximity to the electronics.

The Apex coupler has non-parallel sides and disruptive surfaces that eliminate these problematic sonic characteristics. Quiescent use 3D printing techniques to ensure they have a structure which is deliberately perfectly imperfect. By having non-linear sides, a honeycomb structure and irregular shapes and patterns on the surface, the Apex provides an irregular path for vibration transmission leading to phase and anti-phase cancellation that has never-before been achieved.

A low acoustic impedance spike is connected to a disruptive internal labyrinth providing a highly effective acoustic drain. This spike is formed from the hardest stainless steel available to ensure that it couples electrically with the component chassis. The other end of the spike is directly coupled to a proprietary wide-band, multi-phase filter. This arrangement, combined with their patented EMI/RFI technology, drains unwanted RFI from the electronic component, where it is safely dissipated inside the coupler. Because of the Apex’s exceptionally high return loss, the reflection of this high-frequency vibrational and electrical energy is minimised.

Reduction in the chassis noise floor and component ground is considerable and results in a substantial performance increase throughout the frequency spectrum. Once used, there are significant improvements in timing, bass, separation of instruments and vocals, image placement and transparency throughout the entire frequency range.

Your electronics are capable of much more than you have experienced. Try the Apex range of couplers to unlock their true potential.


Component Couplers are available in three different configurations, Apex40, Apex50 and Apex60. The Apex40 is the smallest coupler, standing at 40mm high. The Apex60, at 60mm high, is the ultimate in equipment grounding capable of supporting the heaviest components such as power supplies and large amplifiers.

Price quoted is for a pack of 3 couplers.


EMI/RFI Absorption Factor

W x D x H (mm)

Weight per Coupler (g)

Maximum Load Bearing (kg)



EMI/RFI Absorption Factor

W x D x H (mm)

Weight per Coupler (g)

Maximum Load Bearing (kg)



EMI/RFI Absorption Factor

W x D x H (mm)

Weight per Coupler (g)

Maximum Load Bearing (kg)