PASS Labs XP-17 Phono Stage
PASS Labs XP-17 Phono Stage

XP-17 Phono Stage

Single chassis phono stage with low noise and RC filtering.

3 Years




XP-17 uses the new-shielded low noise toroid and input filter module, like the XP-12. The power supply has an extra stage of RC filtering. We have lower radiated and mechanical noise.

The XP-17 has an all-new input circuit that is symmetrical and lower in noise and distortion with greater drive capability. Noise is the most prominent part of THD+N in the first section of a phono stage. By lowering noise we get better resolution and dynamics.

Designed with a split EQ network like the XP 25 and XS Phono that is more accurate and can handle greater signal levels.

The secondary stage runs a higher bias output stage with auto bias.

The numerous loading options from the XP-15 are all still available and three gain settings to accommodate low output MC to MM cartridges.

Gain options
56, 66, 76dB


RIAA response
plus/minus .1 dB 20-20 KHz

Power consumption
40 watts

Number of chassis

Dimensions, each chassis
17”W x 12”D x 4”H

Weight (Lbs)