MBL 116F Speakers
MBL 116F Speakers
MBL 116F Speakers
MBL 116F Speakers
MBL 116F Speakers

Radialstrahler 116F Speakers

The Radialstrahler 116F is an omni-directional floorstanding speaker for German innovators MBL. It is one of the most intriguing speakers in the world and the results speak for themselves.

5 Years


When majestic pipe organs deliver their celestial tones to the nave of a church, the sound reverberates, captivates and penetrates the mind, body and soul. Loudspeakers can evoke the same powerful ambiance, but only when designed and built to the most exacting standards.

Enter the MBL 116 F omnidirectional Radialstrahler loudspeaker. This compact 4-way floorstanding speaker offers one pair of push-push lower-mid drivers for the mid bass registers, and a larger pair of push-push woofers at the bottom of a 46 L bass-reflex cabinet to ensure that sound pressure descends effortlessly to the deepest gothic octaves. MBL’s proprietary omnidirectional radial midranges and tweeters brilliantly handle the remainder of the audible frequency range, and beyond. Cabinet resonance and vibrations are diminished by the common-mode operation of the low-mid drivers and woofers, as each pair are braced back-to-back by aluminium rods. The membranes swing in unison and, by doing so, neutralize all mechanical forces that might act upon the walls of the housing, minimizing distortions.

The MBL 116 F – commanding the floor, the ceiling and all space in between with astonishing aural clarity that belies its compact footprint.

Mids and Highs
Tweeters and midrange drivers are the heart of every loudspeaker. Without the critical frequencies they produce, it’s almost impossible to capture the emotional nuances of voices and instruments. This frequency range covers most of the vocal spectrum while allowing listeners to pinpoint the location of players or instruments within the original recording space.

Refined to perfection over the past 40 years, MBL’s Radialstrahler technology enables full 360-degree distribution of sound waves to fill entire rooms with concert-hall majesty, creating a truly immersive spatial experience. And this holds true for all listeners, not just one or two individuals located in the sought-after sweet spot or sound apex of two conventional loudspeakers.

MBL’s technology also bests the geometric design challenges of most living rooms, where multi-angled reflective surfaces and protuberances cause reverberation, making it difficult to reproduce lifelike music. Our one-of-a-kind Radialstrahler technology, used in all tweeters and midrange drivers throughout our speaker lineup, smoothly overcomes edges, angles and reflective planes for the ultimate listening enjoyment.

Chassis strength: the push-push arrangement
Loudspeakers are complicated devices, with lightning-fast internal actions that occur in rapid succession. The membrane is fired back and forth in time with the music signal, and the recoil hits the housing. The larger the chassis, the heavier the membrane and the more powerful the magnet and voice coil, the harder the shock. With such active internal movements, speaker housings tend to produce undesirable vibrations, and can delay and weaken the sound signal if they give in to the recoil.

The housing-less Radialstrahler transducers are not affected by these challenges of movement, especially since their sound impulses are evenly distributed in all directions. Even the cone chassis in MBL loudspeakers conquer the forces that impact faithful sound reproduction. They are only installed in pairs, and are located on the left and right sides of the housing. The two rear sides of the chassis are connected with a massive aluminium strut. The respective membranes oscillate in and out in unison, and the recoil forces cancel each other out. Through clever engineering, the speaker housing is spared mechanical vibrations and shocks, producing sound that is controlled, tight and refined.


  • 4-way speaker, bass reflex
  • Advanced MBL HT37 tweeter and MT50 midrange driver built with proprietary radial emitter technology
  • Suitable for all room sizes, optimal for rooms up to approx. 60 m2
  • Long-throw aluminium chassis with smooth-running surrounds and aerodynamic basket deters compression effects
  • Woofer and low-midrange chassis in push-push arrangement connected with solid aluminium struts
  • Crossover with passive high-pass filter and 2-pole subsonic filter to protect the bass chassis
  • Choice of customizable finishes

4 way, bass reflex system

Acoustic center
107 cm, 42”

2 x 220 mm, 8” Aluminium
(push-push layout)

Low midrange
2 x 150 mm, 5” Aluminium
(push-push layout)

Radial MT50, woven carbon fiber

Radial HT37, unidirectional carbon fiber

Lowest frequency
40 Hz

Crossover frequencies
170 Hz, 650 Hz, 3 500 Hz

Nominal impedance
4 Ohm

Nominal power handling / Peak
340 Watt / 1 800 Watt

Weight (single speaker)
42 kg / 93 lbs