MBL N21 Power Amplifier
MBL N21 Power Amplifier
MBL N21 Power Amplifier
MBL N21 Power Amplifier

N21 Stereo Power Amplifier

Stereo Power Amplifier from the Noble Line

5 Years


Their family pedigree is undeniable. The powerful synergy between the N21 Stereo Power Amplifier and the elegant N15 Mono Power Amplifier takes music listening to dizzying new heights. It begins with their common LASA 2.0 circuit design, exclusively developed by MBL and found in every Noble Line power amplifier. LASA delivers unbridled sound reproduction – sparkling, palpable, and completely uncoloured by any audible influence from the technology within. The massive power capabilities of 380 watts per channel and 28 amps of current are delivered with blistering speed and control. A multi-amp configuration for home theatre applications will leave you shaken and stirred. This stereo amplifier effortlessly controls a wide range of today’s speakers, no matter their complexity. The signal routing concept for each channel is clever without being difficult, ensuring a perfect transfer thanks to a technique known as common-mode rejection – a factor that embodies the close relationship with the larger brother, the mono N15. Match an N11 preamplifier with an N21 stereo amplifier for a combination that consistently delivers a musical experience that transcends the aural boundary of magnificent.

State-of-the-art technology – LASA 2.0
The second generation LASA amplifier technology combines the finest qualities of traditional Class A and Class AB amplifiers with the benefits of “switching amplifiers”. LASA 2.0 delivers the homogeneous THD curve of Class A operation, a stable frequency response even with multiform loudspeaker loads of Class A / B circuits, and the high efficiency and low heat radiation of a switching output amplifier. The result is a power amplifier circuit that remains completely stable even under complex, demanding loudspeaker loads, maintaining absolute authority even at high volumes.

Electrifying Sound – The Power Supply
A commanding power supply is critical to an amplifier’s ability to produce sophisticated sound, and three factors are needed to ensure the smooth, distortion-free delivery of that power. It must be provided at steady and ample quantities over a broad range of speaker impedance loads, including at high volumes. It must be protected against interference from other electronic elements within the chassis. And its magnetic field can’t be allowed to affect other assemblies within. The N21 meets those criteria using a massive toroidal transformer with a large-sized sieve and charging electrolytic capacitors, ensuring the smooth supply of electricity. Two isolated copper foils in the transformer coils efficiently divert mains interference voltages as well as possible interferences within the amplifier. Finally, a shielding cup made of MU-metal encapsulates the transformer, keeping the electromagnetic fields in check and protecting the surrounding electronics.


  • 380 watts rated power per channel into 4 Ohm
  • 28 amp peak output current
  • Symmetrical design for optimum common-mode rejection
  • MBL LASA 2.0 technology for stable, load-independent current and voltage supply
  • Soft Clipping – gentle transition into the overload range without an aggressive, distorted sound
  • Analogue toroidal transformer with MU Metal protective shield technology
  • 1 pair XLR input / 1 pair RCA input
  • 1 pair of WBT speaker terminals

1 x balanced (XLR)
1 x floating balanced RCA

2 Pairs of loudspeaker terminals (R/L)

Other Inputs/Outputs
MBL SmartLink
SD slot for updating

Amplifier technology

Music power
2 x 620 W (2 Ω)
2 x 380 W (4 Ω)
2 x 210 W (8 Ω)

Output current
Max. 28 ampere

27 Kg / 59.5 Ibs