Lyra Phono Pipe Tonearm Cable


Lyra PhonoPipe is a tonearm-to-phono stage interconnect cable that is made with very low capacitance as a top priority, and is designed to give users more flexible loading options at the phono stage. By enabling the use of higher-value phono stage input termination resistors, it prevents unnecessary degradation of the cartridge’s dynamics, resolution, and tracking ability.



It uses construction techniques and materials that are known to be effective in reducing capacitance, but since these techniques do not lend themselves to machine production, Lyra PhonoPipe is built by hand.

The solid-core conductors are made of 6-9 high-purity copper, and arranged in a widely spaced twisted pair configuration to reduce capacitances. The dielectric used is air, since it is a superior dielectric and results in lower capacitances than any solid material.

The unique 5-pin input connector separates the left and right channels immediately at the tonearm base for minimised crosstalk. (Alternatively PhonoPipe is also available with RCA or XLR input connectors.) Each channel is built within its own large-diameter rigid but flexible hollow shield, which again reduces capacitances and crosstalk. The custom RCA output connectors use a minimum of metal, and are likewise designed to minimise capacitances. (Alternatively Lyra PhonoPipe is also available with XLR output connectors.)

As a result of these labour-intensive and meticulous construction methods, Lyra PhonoPipe measures only 32pF for its 120cm length, including connectors.