Linn Kendo Moving Coil Cartridge
Linn Kendo Moving Coil Cartridge
Linn Kendo Moving Coil Cartridge

Kendo MC Cartridge

Kendo is one of a new breed of cartridges which produce the most level frequency response of any to ever bear the Linn name.

1 Year

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Kendo is a modern martial art form; translated from the Japanese it means “way of the sword”. At Linn however, the word has unique connotations. Our sword is forged of boron, with a super-fine-line diamond tip. Our armour is nickel-coated, 7075-grade aluminium. Kendo is the eager apprentice to its master, Ekstatik; sharing the same values, and picking up many of its traits along the way.

Kendo is the outcome of our engineers’ efforts to capitalise on the elements of Ekstatik which work so well; using our tried-and-true, trickle-down development methodology to produce a more affordable, high-performance cartridge which retains the same core design principles and acoustic fingerprint.

Kendo possesses a rigid, nickel-coated 7075-grade aluminium body. This specific grade of aluminium matches that of our Arko tonearm, for which Kendo was designed to be the perfect partner. This facilitates superb material synergy throughout the tonearm system, and effectively banishes unwanted resonances away from the delicate generator, along the arm, and out through the sub-chassis.

Stylus Type
Super Fine Line


Coil Wire
Copper 4N

Pin Connection Type
1.2mm gold pin

Mounting Points

Output Voltage
0.45mV @3.54cm/s

Channel Balance at 1 kHz
< 1dB

Channel Separation at 1kHz
> 28dB

Load Resistance

Load Capacitance

Tracking Force

Cartridge Mass
7.6 g