Engstrom Arne Integrated Amplifier
Engstrom Arne Integrated Amplifier

ARNE Integrated Amplifier

ARNE is a fully balanced 300B integrated stereo-amp, and a significant step in making Engstrom’s Scandinavian Sound accessible to a wider audience of music-lovers.

2 years (6 months on valves)


The outward design echoes the heritage of a typical integrated tube amp, but elevates it with the familiar curves and clean surfaces that define all Engström products. A thick aluminium chassis and adjustable feet (with ceramic balls inside) root the amplifier firmly to the supporting surface, and the room.

ARNE uses DC coupling between driver and power tubes. The driver stage has symmetrical positive and negative power supply. The DC level on the output of the driver is then zero, making it possible to connect the driver stages directly to the grids of the power tubes which have individual cathode bias.

This unique way to connect driver stages to the power tubes has big headroom, giving low distortion. The symmetrical DC coupled drive of the power tubes also gives very fast transient response. The sound is powerful, fast and clear.

Output Power
30W per channel

Harmonic Distortion
1% at 30W

Frequency Response
10Hz to 40kHz +/- 1dB


1V for 30W out @ 5Ω load

Input Impedance

Output Impedance @ 5Ω
1kHz Ri = 1,8Ω

Nominal Speaker Impedance

4 x 300B • 4 x D3a

Power Supply
230V 50Hz 300VA

Volume Control
48-step control w/ remote