Chord ChordMusic Digital Cable
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ChordMusic Digital Cable

ChordMusic is the flagship cable from Chord Company which uses a special military grade material called Taylon® insulation, never before used in audio.



What’s at the heart of your high-end system? Increasingly it’s a DAC, with a CD transport, streamer or dedicated audiophile hard drive, computer, portable device etc. Whilst digital content is never going to be perfect, as great cable can get the absolute best out out of what you have.

The ChordMusic Digital, like all the ChordMusic cables, uses Taylon® an offers a profound and ground breaking improvement.

There are some truly stunning DACs available and some of them will cost less than the ChordMusic Digital. That isn’t a reason not to try the ChordMusic Digital. It’s a digital cable that carries a signal with a degree of accuracy that makes it’s as thrilling and profound as the analogue cables.

Anything you lose between the digital output of your source and DAC you are not getting back and listening to the ChordMusic digital will show you just how much critical information the cable between the source and the DAC should be carrying.