Bryston BCD-3 CD Player
Bryston BCD-3 CD Player
Bryston BCD-3 CD Player

BCD-3 CD Player

Though universal disc players or DVD players can playback CDs, they certainly won’t resolve the full dynamic range and nuance the medium is capable of. Such players inherently compromise CD playback to support additional formats. The BCD-3 was engineered explicitly for the purpose of making your redbook CDs sound amazing.

5 Years


Digital audio read from the CD is sent to a dual-balanced DAC chipset where it is converted to analogue. The output stage is built with Bryston’s proprietary fully balanced class-A discrete operational amplifiers. A professional grade optical disc transport reads the discs, and an ultra precise master clock synchronizes both. Zero jitter, superb linearity, and the best sound quality CDs have to offer are hallmarks of the new Bryston BCD-3. Connect the BCD-3 to your home network to control it with our web based user interface, or with a home automation system. You can also control it via IR with a Bryston BR-2 or universal remote control.

The DAC and transport slave to single master clock for jitter free performance.

Like all Bryston products it is incredibly well made and durable, it comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Outputs include RCA, XLR, S/PDIF RCA and AES/EBU XLR

Inches: 17 or 19 W x 3.4 H x 12 D

8.5 lbs | 4 kg

Frequency Response
20Hz – 20kHz: ±0.1dB

(20Hz-20kHz): <0.002%

Voltage Output

RCA: -134dB
XLR: -140dB