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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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SXRC Audio Stand

Harmonic Resolution Systems

The SXRC Series is a new custom patent pending version of the SXR frame designed specifically for larger amplifiers that are too large for the standard SXR Series Frames.

The SXRC was created to provide exceptional broadband noise reduction and is capable of supporting even the largest of amplifier designs. It was developed based on technical concepts and technology derived from decades of experience with high performance audio stand design. It is an innovative, beneficial and complementary addition to the SXR Series.

The SXRC  frame system combined with Harmonic Resolution Systems Isolation Bases eliminates noise, revealing a new level of musical performance. The modular frame concept is manufactured from billet-machined aircraft aluminum with a built in resonance control system. Custom versions of the highly acclaimed HRS M3X Isolation Base load directly into the SXRC frame to support the component. The SXRC frame optimizes Isolation Base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. The SXRC Series frame system  can be expanded vertically at any time. It is available in a 1V  configuration and can expand vertically to support multiple amplifiers on the same frame system.

The SXRC Amp Stand can be reconfigured, expanded or contracted at any time by acquiring the additional parts of the system needed to make the desired changes.

On demonstration in our Central London showroom.

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