Bowers & WIlkins 805 Diamond SpeakersBowers & WIlkins 805 Diamond Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins 805 Diamond Speakers

A pre-owned pair of Bowers & Wilkins 805 Diamond speakers. We do not have the stands, packaging or accessories. Condition is fair, there are a few marks and general wear. Good for their age. Around 8-10 years old. Collection only.

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Bowers & Wilkins are a well-known British speaker manufacturer. They have become known for their diamond tweeters. This is the first generation of the 805 Diamond, which utilises these tweeters. They are currently on the 5th generation.

A real classic of a speaker, this is certainly an excellent sounding loudspeaker and a fantastic buy for B&W fans.

The Absolute Sound reviewed these speakers in 2011 and concluded – “As you can tell, I loved the 805 Diamond. Its overall level of performance went well beyond its $5000 asking price. The fine level of resolution it brings to bear is almost planar-like, and it packs respectable dynamic verve that does lots of music justice. Its bass response is sufficient for many music collections and listening environments. Personally, I was beguiled by the 805’s winning way of transforming records and CDs into deeply involving musical experiences. This is what it is all about for me: technical accomplishment in service to art.”

Two-way, vented-box system

One 6.5” woven Kevlar mid/bass, one 1” diamond dome tweeter

Frequency response
49Hz–28kHz (–3dB)

88dB (2.83V/1m)

8 ohms

Recommended amplifier power
50W–120W into 8 ohms

9.4” x 16.5” x 13.8”

26 lbs. each