Pro-Ject 6 Perspex SB Record PlayerPro-Ject 6 Perspex SB Record Player

6 Perspex SB

The 6 Perspex SB takes the same proven design as previous 6 Perspex designs, but utilises a far superior motor to give vinyl enthusiasts an even more appealing high-end vinyl spinner.

2 Years


The perimeter drive-belt mechanism was inspired by the introduction of the RPM 10 Carbon turntable, which uses a fully-decoupled motor. With the 6 Perspex SB, the motor sits within its own cut-out inside the main plinth, lined with damping material for reduced resonance. The motor itself is an AC design, which is regulated by its own built-in speed controller. This speed controller not only offers easy switching between 33 and 45rpm, but it also generates an entirely fresh new sine wave for the motor – filtering out the fluctuations and distortions associated with a typical mains supply, for reduced resonance.

The 6 Perspex SB stands out as a beautifully engineered machine thanks to the pristine acrylic plinth, which is accented by the striking sub-chassis, platter and TPE-damped aluminium coned feet, as well as the new motor.

The turntable’s sub-chassis is made of Corian®, a solid-surface material renowned for its isolation properties. This sub-chassis is then isolated from the main plinth by magnetic power, effectively creating a “floating” platform free from unwanted vibrations. The precision-balanced vinyl sandwich platter rides on the sub-chassis utilising an inverted main bearing, which combines a stainless-steel axle with a ceramic ball. The platter’s 4mm thick vinyl top-layer is the perfect interface for a playing record, and eliminates the need for any form of turntable mat, which can have a detrimental effect on the sound performance of high-end turntables. The platter is finished with a threaded spindle, to accommodate the supplied screw-able record clamp.

The 6 Perspex SB is finished with Pro-Ject’s coveted 9CC Evolution tonearm for a true high-end experience. The 9” tonearm boasts a one-piece conical carbon fibre tube, TPE-damped counterweights and an inverted bearing design that allows for perfect tracking and minimal resonance, even with demanding pick-up cartridges.

Henley Audio also offer a special cartridge bundle service so you can get a matching Pro-Ject or Ortofon Moving Coil cartridge for up-to 30% off (read our FAQ).

The 6 Perspex SB is the complete audiophile turntable, but at a very appealing price. A top grade phono cable is supplied in the way of the Connect-IT E (123cm) and a protective dust cover tops off this incredible package.

Nominal Speeds
33 / 45 RPM (Electronic)

Plinth Construction

Magnetically Supported Corian

300mm Sandwich-Type (2kg)

Turntable Feet
Aluminium (Sorbothane-Damped)

Speed Variance

Wow & Flutter

Signal to Noise

Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution

Effective Tonearm Length
9″ (230mm)

Effective Tonearm Mass


Supplied Counterweights
For Cartridges Weighing…
5-7g, 7-10g, 9-11g & 10-14g

Downforce Range
10 – 35mN

Outboard Voltage
15V / 800mA DC

Power Consumption
6W / <0.3W (Standby)

Included Accessories
Dust Cover, Record Clamp, RCA Cables

460 x 183 x 365mm


2 years which can be extended to 3 years when registered