Peak Consult The Incognito X SpeakersPeak Consult The Incognito X Speakers

Peak Consult The Incognito X Speakers

Pre-owned pair of speakers that were traded in by one of our customers. Excellent condition and work perfectly. We do not have the original boxes but have crates we can use to install them within the London area, otherwise they will need to be collected.

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InCognito-X is a floor-standing, full-range 2-way loudspeaker of excellent ability and refinement. The InCognito X is the 10 years anniversary special edition by Peak Consult. The project began in 2006.

Finding a used pair of these speakers can be difficult, at time of writing, this seems to be the only pair on offer on internet.

Peak Consult are a Danish manufacturer who have an audiophile following. The InCoginto range is still going although it has been updated to the InCoginto 20th now. 

The speaker are incredibly well made, they are surprisingly heavy and durable and will likely last for a long time.