Metronome Kalista Integrated CD PlayerMetronome Kalista Integrated CD Player

Metronome Technologie Kalista Integrated CD Player

This is a pre-owned item in excellent condition. We have the original flight case, packaging for PSU and accessories. It was originally purchased from us in 2014 after being a demonstration model.

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HiFi News reviewed this item in January 2009 and concluded –

“With its sculpted acrylic structure similar to that of the existing Kalista transports, the Integrated commands the attention of anyone entering your listening room, as I discovered on several occasions. Perhaps I should have been photographing the looks of awe on visitors’ faces when they first saw it. Without doubt the blue light which bathes a CD’s surface as it spins atop the player – to improve reading accuracy, claims Metronome – adds to the distinction of the overall design. I didn’t bother pointing out to any of my guests that they were looking at only half the story. The separate power supply feeding the Integrated was on the bottom shelf of my Townshend Seismic Stand, itself the size of a substantial power amplifier with a metal fascia hewn from solid alloy.
Both the supply and the main unit should be sited on the inverted cones supplied with the player. These are fabricated from Delrin, a polymer thermoplastic developed by DuPont that, like Corian, is often described as ‘synthetic stone’. The disc clamp/puck looks like Perspex but is also fabricated from Delrin and it looks and feels fabulous. Less well considered in my opinion is the player’s cover. As all the Kalista models are manual top-loaders, you can’t leave the player unattended without a CD sitting in place otherwise dust will fall onto the critical pickup lens. The black ‘helmet’ cover for parking over the mechanism when not in use seems a bit of an afterthought. At this price I’d like a motorised lid, frankly.”

“Still, it’s a deliciously pleasing player to use on a daily basis. Reading of a CD’s table of contents is rapid, track access is near-instantaneous, and the Kalista’s remote controller is a reassuringly solid hunk of metal. (Shame the buttons aren’t illuminated, though.) Only one thing really bugged me: there is no method of ‘fast-forwarding’ or reversing through tracks. Both on the player and on the handset, the skip forward and skip back buttons are just that; you can’t hold down the skip buttons in order to fast-scan within long tracks… which might drive you bonkers if you sometimes like to access the last few minutes of a long piece of music. Methinks the designers intend that you should relax and listen to the whole piece, not just the canon or the tubular bells of the finale!”

“Metronome Technologie’s Kalista Integrated is a visually stunning design statement. Of course, the price is so stratospheric that if you have to even contemplate the value for money in terms of ‘sound per pound’ then you probably need not consider owning one. But if the novelty of the new Bentley in the drive has worn off and you’re now in the market for a circa £100,000 stereo system for the living room, well.”

Comes with the Elektra 2 PSU.