Linn Akurate TunerLinn Akurate Tuner

Linn Akurate Tuner (DAB Version)

This is a pre-owned item in excellent condition. We have the original packaging and aerial.

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The Akurate Tuner delivers exceptional performance from a wide range of broadcast material and is available in two variants: FM/AM for analogue radio at its best, and a version with additional DAB functionality for access to digital radio broadcasts*. DAB provides a wider range of broadcasts for interference-free audio reception. Separate DAB and FM/AM audio boards ensure that there is no risk of signal interference which could affect the audio quality. This, combined with the Linn-designed DAC used for the analogue output of DAB, ensures the very best possible sound.*

The Akurate Tuner can be integrated with a Linn Knekt multi-room audio system so that it can be enjoyed throughout the home. Available in black or silver finish, the Akurate Tuner perfectly complements other components in the Akurate System.