Focal Arche Headphone AmplifierFocal Arche Headphone Amplifier


Focal has established itself as a key player in the high-end headphones market. The brand completes its high-fidelity headphone collection with Arche.

2 Years




Thanks to the digital-analogue converter and the pure class A amplification modes designed especially for headphones it integrates, Arche ensures an exceptional sound quality throughout your listening session.

All-in-one solution, Arche combines a digital-analogue converter as well as two pure class A amplification modes (voltage, hybrid). Ideal to sit between the digital sources and your high-fidelity headphones, Arche is the perfect product to fully enjoy your music whilst benefiting from the performance delivered by the converter to drive a home hi-fi system. Pre-sets for every set of Focal headphones (Utopia, Clear, Elear, Elegia and Stellia) are available to make sure you get the absolute best from this ultimate combination.

The two Premium digital-analogue balanced AK 4490 converters can process formats in PCM format up to 384kHz, as well as DSD 256. The analogue signal is then routed towards two pure class A amplification channels for an uncompromising solution. The original audio signal is thereby totally respected, so as to reproduce the tiniest details of the recording.

Arche includes pre-sets for every set of Focal headphones. You can use your high-fidelity headphones (open-back or closed-back) with Arche and be sure you are enjoying a combination of electronics and acoustics that is carefully thought out and sustainable thanks to the upgrade option by using a USB stick. Every user gets amplification to suit their headphones and their favourite tonal balance.

Arche comes with a solid aluminium headphones mount inspired by the Focal’s logo: accessing and storing the headphones is therefore quick and easy, as well as looking incredible and saving on space!

DAC and headphones amplifier

Max. power
2 x 1W @ 1kHz under 32 Ω

Frequency response
10Hz to 100kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
< 0,001%

Signal-to-noise ratio
> 116dB @ 32 Ω (Class A)

Power supply
85 to 265 Vac / 47 – 63Hz

Dimensions (H x L x D) without stand
60 x 200 x 297mm

Dimensions (H x L x D) with stand
321 x 200 x 297mm

10.25 lbs (4.65kg)

Audio inputs
Unbalanced analogue RCA

Digital S/PDIF coaxial (RCA): Max. sampling frequency
192kHz (AES3-compatible)
Max. resolution

Optical digital (TosLink) Max. sampling frequency
192kHz (AES3-compatible)
Max. resolution

Digital USB
(USB-B): standard USB: USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 – USB audio class

Audio outputs
Balanced analogue 3-point XLR
Unbalanced analogue RCA
Firmware update via USB port (USB-A)