KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965


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We Bring Your Vision To Life

At KJ West One, we have 50 years of experience in the world of high-end audio. This has led to become the driving force in 2-channel hi-fi in not just London but the UK and beyond. 

From this time-built knowledge, we have a deep understanding of audio and video technology which has allowed us to bring the ‘KJ sound’ to our home cinema installations too. Sound is 80% of the cinematic experience and getting this right will deliver the most immersive environment possible.
Our solutions are based on some the world’s finest equipment, so you can be confident that each system is optimised to combine the latest and very best in audio and video performance.

Whether you are looking for a media wall or an entire cinema room built we are able to help. From the initial planning, all the way through the design process and then to the installation. KJ West One can take control of your project and deliver a true high-end result tailored exactly to your needs and desires. 

We recommend that you consult us as early in the project as possible, this is ideal for delivering the best results with maximum ease. We will be able to work with whatever architects, electricians or contractors you have working on your project currently to ensure that everything is transparent and discussed and planned through for all involved. 

We have worked on project of all sizes, up-to homes worth tens of millions. 

Our custom installation department is run by Chris Adair, an AV specialist with over 30 years of experience. Chris specialises in ensuring the quality of performance is at its pinnacle. 

To get a great home cinema, it is not just all about how much it costs. Without the understanding, inexperienced dealers will fail regardless of the budget they put forward. It’s all about paying attention to all the details. A great deal of attention to the details.
If you are interested in a KJ cinema for your home, please get in touch. You can either come in for an initial consultation or we will happily visit your space and discuss what options we think would work best for you. 

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