KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965



Sonus Faber are world renowned for creating beautiful speakers with effortless detail and engaging warmth. The Olympica series has been one of their most popular ranges over the last decade, a particular favourite here at KJ West One. 

They have now taken the next step with the series and launched the new Olympica Nova speakers. The range comprises of 7 models including centres and on-wall speakers. We are happy to keep 3 of these (Olympica Nova I,II & III) on permanent demonstration in our Central London showroom. 

Olympica fans will be pleased that a lot of what made the range so popular and sought after has been kept in the Nova iterations including the typical asymmetrical Lute shape of first generation Olympica. The are also a number of improvements that have enhanced the sound. No longer just a functional element added to handle airflow, the reflex duct is now fully integrated into the cabinet, further improving the speed and transparency of sound. The Olympica's leather top panel has been replaced by wood panel set in a solid, die-cast aluminium plate. The Olympica Novas cabinets are extremely rigid  with eight layers of blended wood. The drivers used in the new range and derived from those that were developed for the Homage Tradition range of speakers. The base plates have also been developed from technologies introduced with the Homage Tradition collection. The supports are now comprised of a solid aluminium bottom plate with strong steel spikes guaranteeing greater strength and solidity. 

The Olypmica Nova I,II and III speakers are available in two finishes - wenge and walnut.