KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

We are now accepting offers on our demonstration pair of Focal Grande Utopia EM Loudspeakers. 

They are in mint condition and come with the original accessories. We do not have the original crates, but they can be obtained if necessary from Focal and we can organise delivery. Exact delivery costs would need to be calculated.

This is a very rare opportunity to get one of the worlds best loudspeakers at a great price. This is the only pair on demonstration in the country at the moment, so you wont find another deal like it.

The Grande Utopia EMs are the most accomplished concept by Focal, they are the company's technological and musical reference. After the “W” cones and the pure Beryllium tweeter of the previous models that had marked a technological advance, the Grande Utopia EM adopts an Electro-Magnet woofer (EM) with a force that cannot be compared to classical technologies. Superlative performance, unique style: the Grande Utopia EM is not only a technological monument, it's above all an acoustic sculpture and one of the best high fidelity speakers in the world.

This has been our reference speaker at KJ West One for many years, what it is capable of is quite remarkable. When paired with a high quality source and amplification the Grandes are able to give a stunningly realistic sound that only a select number of audiophiles would have been able to experience. As audiophilia.com said upon reviewing these speakers "for those passionate audiophiles who can afford the Grandes, listen at your peril. You won’t be leaving without them."

Roy Gregory of HiFi+ magazine put the realism of these speakers into words brilliantly when he reviewed them- 

"Having composers conduct their own works is seldom a recipe for success, but Polski Radio’s live concert SACD of Gorecki leading the National Polish Rado S.O. in his own Third Symphony is a stunning exception to that rule. It’s a vast and stentorian work of three slow movements that might easily become sprawling and ponderous. Indeed, on many a system and despite the perfectly poised performance with its incredible control of tension through tempo, the sheer weight of low-frequency information simply overloads the speakers’ ability to resolve and differentiate pitch, pace, and texture.

Never on the Grandes! Even the slow and low bowed entry is picked out perfectly, the individual bars and phrases distinct, the measured increase in intensity and tension, the resulting anticipation of the cello entry, the inevitable arrival of the rest of the orchestra, building and building to the shattering climax built around the solo soprano part—it lives, it pulses, it breathes, drawing you into, immersing you in the sheer majesty of the music and the playing."

To view more photos of the speakers please CLICK HERE

If you are interested in this pair, please do get in touch, we highly recommend you come in and experience them for yourself. 

If you have any other questions regarding these speakers, please contact Lewis at lewis@kjwestone.co.uk
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We are extremely excited to be joined by Magico's highly respected lead designer Alon Wolf as he showcases his new A3 loudspeaker for the very first time in the UK.

The A3 is now the starting point of the Magico range, making a Magico loudspeaker obtainable for a wider audience; the A3 brings together a bevy of technologies unheard-of at its price point. A fully braced and anodised aluminium enclosure, beryllium tweeter, carbon Nanographene cones, neodymium based motor systems and Magico's renowned elliptical crossover.

The A3’s massive sealed-enclosure is, like all Magicos, a tour-de-force of engineering. The enclosure is made entirely from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminium, identical materially to the enclosure developed for the Q Series. This braced, complex internal structure is finished externally with an elegant brushed anodized “skin”.

This will be a great opportunity to listen to one of the greatest speaker designers in the world discuss his ideas and craft. It will also be a fantastic chance to hear the sound quality that is possible from a mid-priced speaker manufactured by a true high-end company.

We will be providing refreshments on the night including wine and canapés.

To avoid overcrowding, we will be running two sessions. One starting at 6pm and one starting at 8pm.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Lewis from KJ West One on lewis@kjwestone.co.uk

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After the success of our Linn event in December, we are teaming up with them again to host a pair of Linn Lounge events in early 2018. The first showcasing the phenomenal career of jazz legend Miles Davis. 

Join us on Thursday 18th January and be dazzled by the sounds of one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century, played in on a high-end Linn System in Studio Master. 

Few musicians were as crucial to the evolution of Jazz as Davis – the epitome of brilliant; he brewed up some of the genre’s most unique airs and was the ultimate definition of cool.

Linn Lounge talks you through the career of the artist playing high quality versions of their songs along the way. It is a fascinating and fun evening, we highly recommend attending.

There will be refreshments available on the night. 

If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to email Lewis at lewis@kjwestone.co.uk.

To register your place for free, please follow the link below. 

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