KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

Wilson Audio is an important brand for us at KJ West One, not only do their loudspeakers sound incredible but they have a keen following of dedicated audiophiles. This is why we are adding the new Sabrina loudspeakers as well as the ultra-impressive Alexia to our in-store demonstration range.

With the Sabrina, Wilson Audio have been able to utilise their vast experience to create a speaker that uses simplified versions of the  technology in the brand’s top XLF range. Being the smallest Wilson floor-standing loudspeaker, Sabrina is able to stand alongside much larger systems offering the kind of dynamic contrast and harmonic expression that is the defining character of Wilson Audio loudspeakers.

In essence, Sabrina offers a level of quality that is well above its size and price bracket. 

The other new addition here at KJ is the Alexia.  

The idea behind Alexia was to take the 3 module concept and musicality of the great Alexandria XLF and put it into a scaled down package, more suitable for intimate listening rooms or living spaces.

Wilson Audio Alexia

As with the Alexandria XLF, the Alexia uses the specially developed tweeter, which does three key things: a) exhibit wide bandwidth with exceptional linearity, b) match the power-handling ability of the other drivers in the system, and c) play low enough in the frequency band to match well with the acclaimed Wilson Audio Midrange Driver (The version used in Alexia is virtually identical to the midrange found in the Alexandria XLF).

As keen Wilson Audio fanatics, we are extremely excited about these two new arrivals and can’t wait to get them hooked up and playing.

Please get in touch to book a demonstration now and hear these amazing speakers for yourself. 

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Naim Audio is not a company that likes to do things by half. 

They spent 10 years developing their flagship Statement amplifier, and anyone who has ever heard it will know that those were years well spent.

The beauty of a project like Statement is as well as creating a reference piece like the Statement, Naim were also able to develop new technologies that they are now utilising in the rest of their amplification range. One such technology is the Naim DR (Discrete Regulator) power supply technology. 

Naim NAP 200 DR and NAP 250 DR Power Amplifiers

At the Munich High-End exhibition, Naim introduced what they call their ‘new classics’. The current two-channel amplifier range developed to include this technology. 

So what is DR technology?

Like most audiophiles, Naim have long noted the importance of a clean, stable, low-noise power supply on audio performance. DR, first introduced to their range of separate power supplies, is the latest progression of that philosophy. 

A regulator is an electronic device designed to maintain a constant DC output voltage regardless of fluctuations in supply voltage and in current draw from its output. Naim’s (DR) discrete regulator is a unique in-house design, providing ultra-low noise supply voltage to critical electronics.

Naim NAP 300 DR and NAP 500 DR Power Amplifiers

The new topology has proven itself to be inherently low noise and capable of fast recovery to transient current demands.

The range includes the NAP200, 250, 300 and 500 DR amplifiers. The NAP200 DR features a single Naim DR module which powers the external NAC 202 or 282 preamplifier, whereas on the 250 DR, 300 DR and 500 DRs it supplies the entire power amplifier. 

As well as utilising DR technology, the new amplifiers also feature an updated transistor (similarly developed during the Statement project). The NA009 is an upgrade from the previously used NA007 transistor in terms of sound quality. 

It is a custom Naim design using non-ferrous materials and matched internal dies. Using non-ferrous materials dramatically reduces internal mechanical noise by minimising the vibrations created by high levels of current passing each other through the legs of the transistor. The NA009s are also mounted on ceramic insulators. 

The new materials used in the NA009 reduce stray and unwanted capacitance by a factor of 9. 

Revisiting the design of these classic amplifiers also gave Naim a great chance to pay attention to the details in the layout and componentry. A small improvement in the design combined with the major technological innovation has helped Naim advance the sonic performance of each amplifier significantly. 

The new Classic Series power amplifiers will commence shipping as of 1st June, except the NAP 500DR which will be available in August. 

We will be adding this series to our already huge range of Naim Audio available for demonstration here at KJ West One in Central London. If you are interested in auditioning them, please Contact Us and we will be happy to let you know once they arrive in store.

We currently have NAP 200, 250, 300 and 500 available as ex-demonstration models. These will be keenly priced as we get the updated version in. Please call for more details. 0207 486 8262.

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Even when working in an exclusive hi-fi shop like KJ, you still get excited when one of your favourite products is arriving. 

The Dan D'Agostino Momentum Integrated Amplifier is one of those pieces. We received the delivery yesterday to find that it arrived in a stunning metallic protective flight case. It is the extras like this which reassure you that you have a special high-end product in your possession. 

This is a true 'no compromise' audiophile product. You can be sure that we will be setting this up and sitting down to give it a good listen, as soon as possible. 

If you are a Dan D'Agostino fan and want to come in to audition this for yourself, please book a time here


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The new additions at KJ West One keep coming. This week we were happy to receive the latest edition of the Sonus Faber Amati Futura passive floor-standing speakers in their new violin red/black satin finish. 

Sonus Faber Amati Futura
This model has been redesigned by Sonus Faber so that the end plates on the top and the bottom of the cabinet have been updated from the chrome finish to the new CNC machined avional nickel-plated design. Their role is to control and constrain residual resonances of the enclosure walls. 

In addition to the end plates, all the metallic detailing including the rear of the speakers is now manufactured in the matching black satin finish.  

These speakers have always been aesthetically striking but we believe the latest finish just adds a little more sophistication to the design. 

The sonic superiority of the Amati Futura remains the same; these are still speakers with impressive natural warmth. It is a very musical experience which never fatigues. 

We are currently running them in with the equally as brilliant Naim 500 series. We have been streaming through the Naim NDS which is hooked up to the NAC 552 preamplifier and the NAP 500 power amplifier, all with their separate power supplies. The whole system is connected with Audioquest cables, from speaker cables to the ethernet links.

It is a true audiophile system which compliments the Amati Futuras brilliantly. As we all know, to get the best out of your speakers, you need an exceptional system. Here we have the perfect match. 

For more information on these speakers or the Naim Audio please visit our collection page. Additionally, If you would like to listen to the Amati Futuras or the Naim 500 series in Central London, book your audition here.

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At KJ West One, we are known for our extensive range of high-end hi-fi, but it is not just speakers, amplifiers and sources that we specialise in, we also stock audiophile headphones. 

Like the rest of our collection, it is not just any headphones that we take on; we ensure that any headphones we stock are up to the sonic standard that we expect from our brands. It is because of this that we have chosen Audeze. 

The US-made Audeze headphones are renowned amongst ‘headphiles’ for their planar-magnetic drivers which deliver a very natural, clean and pure sound. 

The EL-8 is their new ‘entry-level’ model and is available in both open and closed backed versions.  Though they are ‘entry-level’ in price (£599), they certainly don’t seem like ‘entry-level’ headphones when it comes to performance.  

The EL-8s also feature a new sleeker aesthetic. They have been designed to be the most lightweight and flexible model in the Audeze range. 

We currently have the entire selection here at KJ, so book yourself in to try the EL-8s and even compare them to the higher-end of the Audeze portfolio or your own favourite headphones. 

For more information on the EL-8s, visit our collection page

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It’s always a great day at KJ when we bring a new brand in to our W1 showroom. Today is particularly exciting though as we have set up one of the most impressive and highly regarded ranges in the industry: The dCS Vivaldi complete digital playback system. 

The Vivaldi system is dCS’ current reference and represents one of the world’s finest units for reproduction of digital music, something which is becoming more and more important for audiophiles by the day.

Having tested the Vivaldi system, which includes a DAC, CD/SACD Player, Upsampler and a Master Clock, we knew that the breath-taking sonic performance it can achieve made it the perfect fit for our showroom and we couldn’t wait to be its first retailer in Central London.

The Vivaldi DAC features dCS’ digital processing platform which is designed to handle the highest resolutions including DXD and DSD files.  Its unique design combines exceptional linearity with very high speed operation, enabling it to deliver true 24-bit performance even at low signal levels.

Operating as a digital-to-digital converter, the Vivaldi Upsampler accesses music from any digital source and converts the audio from its native sample rate to either high resolution DXD (24-bit data at 352.8 or 384kS/s), DSD (1-bit data at 2.822MS/s) or standard high resolution PCM (24-bit data up to 192kS/s).

In addition, the Master Clock takes the already spectacular sound into an entirely new domain. With a clock added to a dCS system, images snap into sharper focus and the music displays a greater sense of authority and power, as well as offering noticeably superior resolution of detail.

The power and control of the Vivaldi is staggering, it seems to effortlessly turn a CD into a full live performance, whether it be Vivaldi in a grand concert hall or Muse at the 02 Arena, you can feel the pressure being applied to the keys of the piano or the drumstick bouncing off of the skin. The realism is astonishing.

We believe this is a range that really needs to be heard to truly understand the level it achieves.
We have the entire 4-piece system ready and waiting in our demo facility.  Arrange an appointment today and test the Vivaldi for yourself, pairing it with our extensive range of speakers, amplifiers and cables. 

For more information on the dCS Vivaldi range, please visit our Collection page.

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