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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Wilson Audio Sasha 2 (Ex-demo)

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned

Original RRP - £37,998 / Our Price - SOLD

We are selling our ex-demonstration pair of Wilson Audio Sasha II W/P loudspeakers in Obsidian Black. These speakers are  less that 1 year old, we purchased them in April 2018. We are only selling them because of the release of the new Sasha DAW model. They are in excellent condition with no marks to mention. 

This is a very good opportunity to get an almost new pair of Sashas at over £13,000 less than the retail price. 

We have the original crates and accessories and the speaker will come with the remaining warranty of 4 years. 

Wilson Audio is one of the world's top speaker manufacturers and Sasha is their most popular model. These are seriously good audiophile high-end speakers. 

Stereophile reviewed the Sasha 2s and said "The Sashas did fine things with more power. Driven by the big Electrocompaniet AW400s, the Wilsons were better still at communicating the notion of force: not in a gross, stupid, obvious way, but subtly. Brass instruments had a marvelous timbral glow with bigger amps, and their characteristic sounds remained stable, even as the music became more complex or gained in intensity. Singing voices, too, seemed to better maintain their overall levels of dramatic nuance with some (but not all) of the more powerful amps I tried."

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned range

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