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Venom UK6

Shunyata Research

The VENOM UK6 is a high performance power distributor designed specifically for the music, film and recording enthusiast, located in regions that require the UK BSI-style mains sockets. High-end home entertainment systems can be very complex and quite costly, yet the performance potential of the entire system can be dramatically affected by the choice of power delivery products including the power distributor. The UK6 has the build quality and reference level performance of much more expensive products.

Sound and recording professionals from around the world agree, Shunyata Research power systems are the finest in their product category.

The UK6 Series has been designed with home theater systems in mind.  They are ideal for installation behind a cabinet or rack system.  All the outlets face upward allowing ease of access while the shallow depth allows the UK6 to be located almost anywhere, even behind a cabinet or close to a wall.

The UK6 power distributors are designed using DTCD™ analysis and carries a 13-Amp continuous rating. This virtually unlimited power delivery capability allows it to power entire systems including high power amplifiers. The non current-limiting electromagnetic breakers combined with massive 6 mm2 gauge internal wiring maximises instantaneous current delivery and dramatically improves dynamic contrasts and bass impact.

The six outlets provide the perfect solution for complex home entertainment and media systems. The exceptional current capacity and power rating ensures unfettered performance even when high-current amplifiers are used. The narrow profile (less than 9 mm) of the UK6 allows it to be placed behind a cabinet without pulling the cabinet out from the wall. All of the power cords plug-in from the top of the unit for easy access.

Many people already own a reference grade power distributor like the HYDRA TRITON or DENALI but need more outlets to power accessories. They recognize that the quality of power distribution dramatically affects audio and video performance.  A reference grade distributor, like the VENOM UK6, is perfect for expanding socket outlet capacity with no loss in performance.

Many audiophile purists appreciate a straightforward, high quality approach to power distribution without having to contend with the complexity, fallibility and inconvenience of power regenerators and isolation transformers. The UK6’s all metal construction, massive cryogenic conductors, quality connectors, electromagnetic breaker, Trident module and CCI™ noise filter provide by exceptional performance. The VENOM UK6 has an unbeatable combination of performance and value.

RRP - £1,800

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