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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Utopia Headphones


Focal's new Utopia headphones are the pinnacle of audiophile headphone design. After years of R&D Focal have been able to use their decades of experience designing and manufacturing speaker drivers to bring some of the most detailed, realistic and engaging headphones ever created.

The Utopias are not your standard headphones. They feature unique and impressive full range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium domes, a transducer with a frequency response  from 5Hz - 50kHz+ without any crossover or passive filtering and an open back design. These innovations will get you as close to the experience from a high end pair of Focal speakers as possible. 

These speakers are incredibly well made by Focal in France. They have put a huge amount of development into both the aesthetics of the headphones and their comfort. Focal have ensured the materials used are of exceptional quality and using clever features like the constant bend of the head band and distribution of weight have created one of the most comfortable pairs of audiophile headphones that we have ever tried. 

The 4m cable supplied with Utopia was specifically selected for its respect to the original audio signal, such as its very low impedance (< 90 mΩ/metre). It is totally symmetrical in order to offer extremely low crosstalk (< 70 picofarads). The shielding protects it from electromagnetic interference. 

The cable used on the Utopia uses 9.5mm Lemo® connectors and the 6.35mm Neutrik® stereo jack to enable easy customisation.

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