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The new Uniti Star is the latest update of the Naim Uniti 2. This has been one of the most popular products we have ever had in store. The Uniti 2 has always been a product which perfectly merges the sound quality of Naim with exceptional versatility and ease of use. Naim have once again taken this to the next level with the release of the stunningly beautiful Uniti Star. 

The Uniti Star is a fantastic all-in-one system, perfect for those who want a high quality Naim Audio sound without having to get bogged down in the separates route. Simply plug in your speakers and away you go. 

Naim have been building amplifiers for decades, so there is no doubt that the amplifier section of their Uniti range will be able to perform at an extremely high level, but what is most impressive about the Uniti range is the ease at which they can stream a huge array of digital sources. Naim were one of the first hi-fi companies to really delve into streaming and as such have perfected their app whilst others are still way off. The Naim app for iOS and Android is a league above the majority of its rivals. 

To say the Uniti range is versatile is a huge understatement. The Uniti Star features a 70 watt class A/B amplifier, internet radio, bluetooth, a headphone output, uPnP, Tidal integration, Spotify connect, Airplay, Google Cast, an S/PDIF Digital input, analogue output, multi-room functionality and USB / SD Card slots. 

One new feature of the Star which was not available on the Uniti2 is the ability to rip bit perfect CD quality files to either USB or SD card. These can then either be played locally or served to any UPnP streamer on your network. 

On the new Uniti series, Naim have put a lot of effort into improving the wi-fi. It now supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz and features an improved internal buffer and memory. It is able to store 5 minutes of information which vastly decreases the amount of dropouts when streaming. 

Conceived and built from the ground up by Naim engineers and designers in Salisbury, England, Naim have ensured the Uniti Star has been crafted with exceptional materials chosen for the sound. Uniti remains true to our core design principles. From the finned aluminium heat sinks (inspired by our Statement flagship amplification system) to the brushed black aluminium casing, the new illuminated signature volume control and the beautifully lit base.

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