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Stax SRM-007tII Kimik Energizer (Ex-demo)

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned

Original RRP - £2,295 / Our Price - £1,850

This is an ex-demonstration model which is in excellent condition and looks as new. We have the original packaging and accessories. It was originally purchased in March 2016 and has been used a sparingly. It is in perfect working condition. 

This is a the SRM-007tII Kimik version. 

Considered by many to be the best headphones on the market. Stax have a legendary status in the audiophile world. When it was released the SRM-007Tii Kimik was the flagship energiser in the range designed to be used with the 009 earspeakers. 

A simple two-stage amplifier configuration using high-voltage dual triode tube 6FQ7(6CG7) delivers straightforward properties that are transparent and clear sound quality.

This version is in black which is no longer available in the UK so it is a hard to find item. 

Demonstrations are available. 


Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned range

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