KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Stax SR-009 (Pre-owned)

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned

RRP - £3,195 / Our Price - SOLD

This is a preowned pair that was traded in by one of our customers when he upgraded to the new 009S model. We have the original packaging and manual including the wooden presentation box. They are in great working condition.

They are in good condition but have some cosmetic wear, such as the pads are slightly flatter than new models. 

Considered by many to be the best headphones in the world. Stax are incredibly detailed and natural sounding headphones. 

It can be rare to find a pair of these headphones for a such a fantastic price. 

These headphones require a Stax energizer to use them.

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned range

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