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SRM-T8000 Energiser


The SRM-T8000 is the new flagship energiser from Japanese electrostatic headphone manufacturer Stax. It employs two 6922 in the input stage, driving a Class-A solid-state output stage.

The vacuum tubes isolated in a separate section made of vibration-proof damper and shield cover to eliminate vibration and noise. The high-capacity large toroidal transformers and selected high-quality parts allow the highest refinement in sound.

Unlike other Stax energisers, the SRM-T8000 has a bypass function that removes the volume control from the circuit, so you can instead adjust volume using an external device. It also has a pass-through input (input 1 of the two line-level unbalanced RCA inputs) so you can route a signal through to other components. In addition to the two unbalanced inputs, there’s a balanced input, via XLR.

The design of the SRM-T8000 is improved from other Stax models, the new sleek aesthetic matched with a pair of 009 headphones would be a fantastic system to look at. Many people consider Stax headphones to look a little dated but that is now longer the case. Now the looks match the world class sound quality. 

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