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The SR-L700 is the latest model to come from Stax’s trademark ‘Lambda’ series of headphones (or earspeakers as they like to refer to them).

Stax have utilised a lot of the same technology that was developed for their flagship SR-009s. In the L700 the thin film diaphragm and heat diffused three-layer stainless electrodes in the sound element are just as used in the flagship. This allows these headphones to achieve the ‘world-class’ sound that the high-end Stax models have been known to achieve. They are incredible well balanced and airy with unbelievable detail especially in the mid-range.
In keeping with the rest of the Lambda range, the L700s are incredibly comfortable and feature the iconic Stax 10-click headband adjustment for complete control over the fit. They also use genuine lamb’s leather pads which completely cover the ears. This is extremely important when it comes to prolonged listening sessions. 

Stax put a huge emphasis on their cables, which they say is one of the main reasons their headphones sounding so good. On the L700s they have used 6NCu high purity 99.99999% copper wires for the core wires, and six silver plated high purity 99.9999% copper wires for the outer wires. The whole cable uses the conventional wide format parallel structure to lower the capacitance between each of the wires that makes up the cable. 

Since their introduction to the range, the L700s have received a huge amount of praise from Stax fans and the press. These are some of the best headphones in the world, if you haven’t yet heard Stax, this is a great place to start. 

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