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The Michell Orbe turntable takes the established concept of the GyroDec and adds to it an extra level of isolation, better structural damping, and an improved motor drive system. The motor controller employs the revolutionary Never-Connected mains isolation circuit.

The Orbe and Orbe SE benefit from an advanced screw-down clamp and a washer that raises the LP at its center: under action of the clamp the record’s playable area is then very tightly pressed down onto the flat platter, right to its edges.

Michell make the platter from a proprietary self-damping compound of carbon/vinyl -loaded acrylic. This material closely approaches the mechanical and acoustical properties of the vinyl record itself, enhancing the coupling between both. Indeed, at boundaries of materials with like acoustic impedances, transmission of vibrational energy occurs. Whereas at boundaries of dissimilar materials, be they LP versus felt, metal, glass, or just air, only part of the energy is transmitted, the remainder being reflected back into the album, towards the stylus.

As with the GyroDec, Michell employ a unique inverted bearing that locates the point of rotation above the center of gravity of the platter, and exactly at the height where the drive belt invokes. This makes the platter/bearing a self-stabilising component that can not be provoked into rocking modes.

Michell suspend the heavy subchassis and platter from three extension springs. This is an elegant and self-stabilising solution as the center of gravity of the floating mass is conveniently put below the suspension points. Rocking and nodding modes of the subchassis are hence discouraged, while overall turntable setup is straightforward, and drift is virtually non-existent. The Orbe also benefits from an additional layer of DensoDamp mastic which results in an acoustically inert subchassis with excellent self-damping properties.

The Orbe models use a version of the same motor used in the GyroDec but with a tacho speed control loop back to the supply. With all turntables the motor is a stand-alone unit, housed in a heavy base of metal (almost 3kg for the Orbe), to eliminate vibrational breakthrough to the turntable. The HR and Orbe Controller NC supplies effectively isolate the motor from the potentially polluted mains network.

The Orbe is Michell's flagship turntable and whn you hear it you can instantly tell why. Using their engineering prowess, they have been able to create a true high-end turntable. 

Features - 

Double chassis, suspended pendulum subchassis
- Damped subchassis
- 60 mm thick massive acrylic/vinyl platter of high inertia
- Screw-down record clamp, compatible with standard and 180g audiophile pressings
- Inverted oil-pumping bearing
- Custom arm boards available for most tonearms
- High-quality standalone DC motor with tacho feedback speed control
- Orbe Controller NC motor power supply with Never-Connected circuit
- Finished in clear or black acrylic with black or aluminium metal parts


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