KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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The Melco N1Z is an audiophile quality digital music player and server. Designed by experts in hard drive technology. Melco are masters in isolation, ensuring that what comes out of the network socket is expertly filtered to take out any unwanted noise and give a true representation of the music.

Music Library N1 is the world's first audiophile grade source component. N1 is not just a simple NAS for PC or transport, but manage all music files'access, store, deliver and play with high quality hardware and software.

N1ZH/2 are audiophile grade source components to access, store and deliver Hi-Res Digital Music without any of the compromises of computers and their peripherals. They are both music store and UPnP server for Ethernet connected streaming solutions, and are also a source for a USB connected DAC. When connected to an USB-DAC, the internal player can be controlled directly from the front panel as well as by network App. The USB-DAC player supports DSD as both DoP and as Markerless DSD (Not DoP). There is no need for a PC in order to setup or manage the system and there is no data switch or IT device in the signal path to come between you and your music.

Unlike PC based systems, Melco has a dedicated PLAYER port. This allows connection directly to the network Streamer or Player without any data switch in the signal path which would damage the music data.

This direct connection concept we call Direct Streaming Music – DSM – and it is unique to Melco as in conjunction with the Ethernet purifier between the LAN and PLAYER ports DSM ensures that the Player receives only clean and accurate data, all packets are timed with low-jitter precision and all unwanted traffic is blocked. LAN lights can be disabled for highest possible data integrity.

There are two methods of operation – Network Mode is the default and allows a Tablet connected to the Wi-Fi to control the player as normal.  But for ultra-pure music playback DIRECT MODE can be selected – in this case there is no need for any external Ethernet or IT components, and the Melco acts as DHCP server to the Player. Browsing and control is then from the player front panel. 

- 2 x 3TB Small Form Factor HDD
- Heavy brass non-magnetic HDD foundation
- Dedicated Neutrik USB-DAC port
- Dual Power Supplies
- New capacitor bank with audio grade film capacitors
- New silver/black aluminium case
- New processing logic ( precision slow data writing and accurate high speed data retrieval)
- Self integrity check

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