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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Mystic MC Cartridge


Vertere Acoustics is best known for its extreme high-end designs loved by audiophiles worldwide. The Reference RG-1 Record Player and the Reference Tonearm compete on equal terms with the world's best. The more affordable but revolutionary DG-1 Dynamic Groove Record Player was launched in May, to much acclaim, at the international High End Hi-Fi show in Munich.

Unlike the DG-1 the Mystic Moving Cartridge is not revolutionary – no wheels have been reinvented – the Mystic is a combination of experience, common sense, science and a little art. And of course a rather fetching sapphire blue anodised finish.

The body is machined from solid aluminium alloy, it is mass-tuned to the generator for optimum support and control of unwanted mechanical vibrations. The Mystic has a threaded body to accept the supplied stainless steel thumb screws for correct coupling of the cartridge body to the tonearm headshell with three specifically designed contact points are machined into the top of the body that provide the exact mechanical coupling required and an alignment ridge on the front top that assists mounting Mystic to any Vertere tonearm.

The low mass generator utilises a Samarium-Cobalt magnet with a low-mass cross coil made of pure virgin copper wires.

The aluminium 7000 telescopic tube cantilever maximises stiffness without a massive high Q peak with a Micro Elliptical diamond stylus tip that is designed for maximum tracking ability without compromising the high frequency response or increasing surface noise.

When Vertere launched the DG-1 Touraj said: “The job of a record player is very simple, and very linear it has to allow the most accurate measurement of a something going past the stylus and throwing it from side to side over 1000 times every centimetre.”

The situation hasn’t changed except in this story the focus is the cartridge including the cantileverand diamond stylus which is the part that’s actually being thrown about over 1000 times every centimetre of record travel.

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