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MA5200 Integrated Amplifier (Ex-Demo)

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned

Original RRP - £6,000 / Our Price - SOLD

This is an ex-demonstration model which we are selling because the model has recently been superseded by the new MA5300. It is in excellent condition and comes with the original packaging and accessories and manufacturers warranty.

This particular amplifier was originally purchased in November 2016. 

This is a unique chance for someone looking to get into McIntosh who might not have been able to stretch their budget far enough previously. For £4,500 you will get a true McIntosh amplifier.

The MA5200 delivers the full McIntosh audio experience in a sleek, compact size. Its 100 Watts per channel is perfect for modestly sized listening spaces.

With 9 inputs, including 1 Moving Magnet phono and 3 digital inputs that will decode your digital music at up to 32 bits and 192kHz, the MA5200 provides you with enough connections and modern technology to begin building your home audio system. The Home Theatre Pass Through feature will allow for seamless integration into your existing multi-channel theatre system.

The amplifier delivers 100 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and utilises Power Guard® to prevent clipping and keep your speakers safe from damage. Our new High Drive headphone amplifier features increased gain and output power, and is optimised for virtually all headphone types for an enjoyable personal listening experience.

Alan Sircom of HiFi Plus said of the MA5200 "e McIntosh MA5200 was something of a revelation. It’s not just a good amp – I expected ‘good’ – it’s an excellent amplifier, with a fine DAC and a refreshing ‘get things done’ approach that is the polar opposite of audiophile tweakery. That’s hard not to love, and probably why McIntosh owners remain McIntosh owners for life."

Demonstrations are available, get in touch to arrange an appointment. 

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned range

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