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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Michell Engineering

The classic Michell turntable, continuously refined during many years of development to the current level of performance.

The Michell GyroDec is a three-point spring-suspended turntable of medium mass, which is compatible with most quality tone arms in existence. Earlier GyroDecs can always be brought up to present spec, and every modern GyroDec can be upgraded to almost the status of the mighty Orbe.

Michell make the platter from a proprietary self-damping compound of carbon/vinyl -loaded acrylic. This material closely approaches the mechanical and acoustical properties of the vinyl record itself, enhancing the coupling between both. Indeed, at boundaries of materials with like acoustic impedances, transmission of vibrational energy occurs. Whereas at boundaries of dissimilar materials, be they LP versus felt, metal, glass, or just air, only part of the energy is transmitted, the remainder being reflected back into the album, towards the stylus.

They employ a unique inverted bearing that locates the point of rotation above the center of gravity of the platter, and exactly at the height where the drive belt invokes. This makes the platter/bearing a self-stabilising component that can not be provoked into rocking modes.

The GyroDec suspends the heavy subchassis and platter from three extension springs. This is an elegant and self-stabilising solution as the center of gravity of the floating mass is conveniently put below the suspension points. Rocking and nodding modes of the subchassis are hence discouraged, while overall turntable setup is straightforward, and drift is virtually inexistent. The floating chassis’ task is to keep the bearing and arm board rigidly in relation to each other. It is a heavy and rigid cast aluminium component, internally strengthened with beams and ribs.

 The GyroDec and Gyro SE employ a single-thickness acrylic platter, loaded with the gold-plated brass weights which over time have become Michell’s signature. Once up to speed, and aided by the low-friction bearing, the platter only wants to maintain its motion, and not much extra input from the motor is needed.This motor is a very precise, reliable, and low-noise DC motor that has been selected only after extensive listening sessions and reliability tests.

Features - 

- Single acrylic chassis, aluminium suspended subchassis with stabilised operation and internally isolated suspension turrets
- Impedance-matched acrylic/vinyl platter, with brass weights for high inertia
- Record clamp
- Oil-pumping inverted bearing
- Custom arm boards available for most tonearms
- High-quality standalone DC motor
- Optional HR power supply
- Optional upgrade to Orbe-style platter and clamp
- Finished in clear acrylic with aluminium metal parts or with black acrylic plinth with all black or black/gold anodised metal parts

Michell Engineering range

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