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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Elear Headphones


Elear is part of the latest headphone range from Focal. The French manufacturer has been able to take what it has learnt from its decades of high-end speaker design to scale the fundamentals down to deliver headphones that can give high-quality audiophile sound and also keep the ‘Focal’ sound signature at the same time.

Much of the technology in the Elear has trickled down from the development of Focal’s new flagship £3,000+ headphones ‘Utopia’. 

The Elear headphones are expertly made inside and out. They are beautiful to look at with a unique design based around their solid aluminium yoke. They are also extremely comfortable with high-quality memory foam ear-pads and genuine leather cushioned headband. They are adjustable to fit any head size comfortably.

They are circum-aural open-back headphones. This gives an improved sense of scale to the sound, something which is very important to achieve the ‘Focal’ signature. Like their speakers, the Elear give a very impressive, engaging and luxuriously warm presentation with strong controlled bass and excellent dynamics. For £800, this is a pair of cans that punches above its price tag. You could be forgiven for thinking they should retail at twice that price. 

The Elears come in an exquisite presentation box and feature a longer cable than most other headphones (4m). The cable is a balanced cable with the channels separated for fast and easy custom-made solutions (bi-amp). The cable and connector is also of fantastic quality. 

As with their speakers, Focal manufacture these headphones in France to exceptional standards.

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