KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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dCS Scarlatti CD/SACD Transport

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned

Original RRP - £16,000 / Our Price - £7,000

This is a traded in item. One of our customers upgraded to the Vivaldi Transport. IT is in good condition. There are a few light marks and two visible marks on the back (see photos). We have the original packaging and manual but not the remote control. 

dCS are one of the premier manufacturers in the world when it comes to digital audio.

Scarlatti Transport uses the TEAC Esoteric VRDS Neo™ mechanism which employs super-rigid construction and a brushless motor with heavy flywheel for stable disc rotation. All signal processing and electronics in the transport have been designed by dCS.

Scarlatti Transport features both IEEE 1394 FireWire link and an enhanced Dual AES interface which output dCS-encrypted DSD (1-bit data at 2.822MHz) to a dCS DAC from CD or SACD. Scarlatti Transport upsamples CD data to DSD and transmits the data over the 1394 or Dual AES interface. SACDs are played in their native DSD format, again over the IEEE 1394 or Dual AES interface. Native CD data is available from 7 PCM outputs (2x AES/EBU and 4x S/PDIF, 1x SDIF-2), as is downsampled SACD data.

Scarlatti Transport is designed for use with the matching Scarlatti DAC or any suitable industry-standard DAC. The unit may be run in Master mode or by using the DAC as the system clock. Performance will be enhanced further by adding the Scarlatti Clock to the system.

The latest enhancement to Scarlatti Transport is the new output mode which reconfigures the two AES outputs as a dual AES output carrying encrypted DSD data. This mode is compatible with Paganini, Scarlatti and Vivaldi DACs.

We have this is store and available for demonstration. 

Ex-Demo / Pre-Owned range

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