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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

Wilson Audio

Wilson Audio are a very unique brand. Their speakers are one of a kind, not just in terms of their modern aesthetics but also in terms of sound. Because of this they have become the world’s most successful high-end speaker company, selling more $10k+ speakers than any other brand.

The brand has been around since 1972. Their first speaker was called the WAMM monitor and a few more followed, but it was when they released the WATT and the subsequent Puppy addition for added bass that the brand really started to cement its legacy as one of the world’s reference speaker manufacturers. 

David Wilson started his career as a sound engineer before deciding to start developing his own speakers, as such his first products were monitor speakers with a fast, detailed and analytical sound. Over the years the Wilson sound has developed considerably with over 44 years of R&D. The most notable improvements coming with the introduction of their trademark (and top secret) X material used on their cabinets and then with the improved tweeter in 2012. 

The X Material brought a real energy to the bass of the speakers, this is something Wilson are known for. Live music through Wilson’s is almost impossible to replicate with any other speaker, it can often feel like the speakers have disappeared and the sound is coming from beyond the back wall of your room. 

The introduction of the new tweeter on the Alexia (followed by Sasha II, Sabrina and now Yvette) has once again taken the Wilson sound to the next level. You still get the detail, precision and speed but the newer Wilsons have more body and refinement as well. 

Our most experienced Sales Consultant, Richard, believes to this day that the best hi-fi system he has ever heard was the Wilson Grand Slam speakers at the home of the UK importer. He says it was as if the band were there playing live. 

We believe that it is very important to match your Wilsons correctly with your system, as they can be very revealing as to what goes in them. We suggest to get the best out of them you require effortless, refined power. 

The build quality of Wilson speakers is superb, the finish is similar to that of a high-end car. People who buy Wilsons are quite often buying the last pair of speakers they will ever buy. 

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