KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965


Vertere Acoustics is the brain child of ex-Roksan founder Touraj Moghaddam. One of the best known and respected characters in British hi-fi, Touraj first made his name by designing the Roksan Xerxes turntable in the mid 80s which went on to become one of the big rivals to the Linn Sondek LP12.

After running Roksan extremely successfully for 25 years, Touraj decided to move on and develop more bespoke hand-made cables and highly engineered reference turntables. 

The idea for Vertere cables came when Touraj finally realised the cables was using as reference for many years may have actually been the weak link in his system. He began to look into what cable manufacturers were focusing on most and also looking into what he felt they should be focusing on. Ultimately the two were different. This kicked Touraj into action and he began to hand make his own prototype cables. The key idea behind Vertere cables was that every type of cable should be tailored for its application (e.g. tonearm cables, preamp cables etc) and all his cables should be able to deliver as clean-a-signal as possible. After a couple years of development and testing with his hi-fi friends he decided to start manufacturing his cables for customers. 

Vertere’s range of turntables are exquisite. They are some of the best examples of true audiophile engineering available in the world today. Touraj pays a frightening amount of attention to the details. Every single component is machined to extremely high tolerances and rigorously examined. Vertere want to make sure every single part is exactly same every time. When developing a high-end turntable even the slightest variation can cause a big difference in sound. 

An example to demonstrate the quality of component used in Vertere’s record player is to look at the bearing. The main bearing assembly is comprised of an aerospace-grade phosphor bronze housing, a super-precision tungsten carbide spindle and silicon nitride ball. The bearing spindle is sized to ensure the minimum gap possible between it and the housing, this ensures that the ball is housed absolutely central to the spindle. The bearing is even lubricated using Vertere’s own L-1G bearing oil for almost perfectly silent running. The amount of work that has gone into just the bearing on this player is second to none. 

Vertere is a young company in terms of years of trading, but the experience they hold is exceptional. Touraj has been developing award winning products since he left university in the 80s and through Vertere he has finally been able to use this knowledge to develop ‘no compromise’ high-end products.