KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

Unison Research

In 1987, Unison Research began life in Treviso, Italy specialising in fine handmade valve equipment. The idea for the brand came from owner Giovanni Maria Sacchetti who formed a group of audiophiles to help shape his vision. Giovanni was a keen pianist and wanted to design products that could bring high-level musicality out of his collection.

Uniquely for an amplifier manufacturer Unison decided to focus mainly on integrated amplifiers initially. Though integrated amps were often thought of as a convenient amplifier or a compromise, Giovanni felt that having both the pre and power stages together without having to add in separate external cabling could actually improve the sound of his amplifiers.
The first two amplifiers that Giovanni created are to this day very well regarded, a lot of people consider them real classics. The Triode 20 and the Simply-Two integrated amplifiers still lay the foundations for the current Triode 25 and Simply Italy amplifiers (both of which we proudly stock at KJ West One). 

Unison Research has never strayed too far from its successful formula. Giovanni Sacchetti is still very much involved in the design and development of their products and they still focus mainly on integrated valve amplifiers. Over the years the company has developed though, with the addition of many new specialists and even a partnership with the local University of Padua which has helped them develop products such as the famous Unico range as well as add in fantastic extra like USB DACs into their classic range. 

The range now gives a fantastic array of products from amplifiers, CD players, phono stages, a headphone amplifier and even speakers. Their products range from a £1,650 to the stunning reference quality Absolute 845 amplifier at £30,000 (which amazingly has remained top of The Absolute Sound’s top Valve amplifiers list for over 20 years!). 

We chose Unison Research for our showroom because the quality that their offer for the price is absolutely amazing. Not only do they look beautiful, but the sound quality is fantastic. They give a lush, musical and extremely enjoyable sound. Just as Giovanni imagined when he set up the company in 1987, the products bring the music to life and make you feel as if the band are playing live just for you. 

Unison Research range