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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Shunyata Research

Shunyata Research are an American manufacturer whose cables are incredibly well respected the world over, in particular their power cables and conditioners are often described by many as the best in the industry.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, Shunyata cables haven’t really seen the support in the UK as they have in the rest of the world. We are proud to come on board and become the first in the UK to stock Shunyata under their new UK distribution umbrella. 

Shunyata Research was formed in 1997 by Caelin Gabriel, a former US military research scientist with a background in the research and design of ultra-sensitive data-acquisition systems. These systems were designed to detect extremely low-level signals otherwise obscured by random noise, requiring years of intensive research into the sources and effects of signal and power-line noise interference. This extensive design background led Gabriel to develop the fundamental design concepts for the patented technologies, measurements and custom-designed parts that form the cornerstone of the Shunyata product range.

Shunyata mains cables first became known from the ‘power snake’ range in the late 90s. Though they have now moved away from naming their cables ‘Anaconda’, ‘Python’ and ‘Cobra’ these gave a great base which Shunyata have been developing ever since. The current cables are some of the most scientifically advanced power cables ever made. 
In fact, the performance in Shunyata’s power conditioners is so good that they have even released a range of medical grade AC conditioners for use in hospitals. This came about after an audiophile cardiologist found that using a Shunyata conditioner on his heart monitoring equipment helped to reduce background noise and make the heart signals clearer and easier to interpret. There are now 30 Shunyata AC conditioners being used in hospitals around the world. 

Having tested the Shunyata power cables extensively, we are very much of the opinion that they are a perfect addition to our unique range of world-class products. We feel they will work excellently with our high-end amplifiers and sources to give our customers that next level of performance. 

Shunyata design and produce all their cables themselves to extremely high standards in Seattle USA. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Mulitple Grammy award winning record producer Rick Rubin (Johnny Cash, Audioslave, Red Hot Chilli Peppers) is a huge fan of Shunyata cables of which he said “Shunyata Research power cables and interconnects made a remarkable difference in my reference system. These are not subtle tweaks — a far bigger difference than any other cables have made and in many cases, as unbelievable as it may seem, a greater improvement than changing the whole front end. I could not recommend them highly enough”. 

Shunyata Research range