KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965


Linn are a Scottish brand with an incredible history and reputation within the industry. Though Linn have always made a variety of different products, what made them a real player in the hi-fi world was the introduction of the Sondek LP12 turntable at the Harrogate Hi-Fi show in 1972.

Before the LP12 came around, it was generally considered that all record players generally sounded the same, and were simply just a means of playing the record. Linn’s MD Ivor Tiefenbrun made quite the storm when he suggested that in fact not all record players are equal and that he could prove that his Sondek LP12 sounded better than the others on the market. 

Linn very quickly gained somewhat of a cult status among audiophile. It didn’t take long before attitudes towards turntables started to change and the Linn became the player to which all other started to get measured. Everyone who tried the LP12 was astounded at the difference. Innovations such as the suspended sub-chassis and single point bearing were suddenly praised and Linn’s competitors knew they had to up their game to compete. 

The LP12 is known for its incredibly musical sound, and this has always stood out against most other players. 

In the late 70s and early 80s, Linn were part of one of Britain most iconic ever partnerships, when they teamed up with fellow British manufacturer Naim for many years, the idea being that they would recommend systems using a Linn turntable and speakers paired with Naim electronics. Their products were a particularly great match and really worked well together. Many shops began to stock both brands and the successful pairing lasted many years. This continued until Linn started to produce their own amplification, swiftly followed by Naim introducing their own tonearm, power supply for the Sondek LP12 and loudspeakers. 

Since its first introduction, they have been many tweaks and upgrades for the LP12, but the basic principle has always been very much the same. It is now the oldest continuously manufactured turntable in the world. 44 years and counting. 

Linn’s loudspeakers and amplifiers have been incredible successful for the company for many years since the end of the Naim partnership, and in recent times, Linn were one of the first companies to really get behind streaming, because of this it means that whilst a lot of other companies are still very much trying to get to grips with the often confusing world of streaming, Linn products are extremely well thought out, simple to use and always includes the latest technologies. 

Linn developed many exciting systems which utilise their own ‘Exakt’ technology. Through this they are able to create easy to use one-box solutions that can provide true audiophile sound. They comprise of a Linn streamer / pre-amplifier and their own active speakers. The Exakt systems are very popular, and whilst Linn will always be known as the company that changed the way people thought about record players, they are now garnering a reputation as one of the companies that is bringing high resolution streaming to the forefront of the industry.