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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Focal is one of the biggest speaker manufacturers in the world. Designed and built in St. Etienne, France for over 30 years, Focal have become a reference for the speaker industry.

The varied Focal range has something for everyone, starting with sound-bars and bookshelf speakers for a few hundred pounds and up to their revered high-end range and the flagship Grand Utopias. 

Focal are a complete speaker manufacturer. Many companies will buy in drivers and tweeters for their speakers. Focal do not do this, they build everything themselves in house. They machine their drive units to extremely high tolerances using high-precision laser cutting. In fact, Focal drivers are so highly thought of, they also sell their drivers to other high-end manufacturers such as Wilson Audio. 

One technology that has become somewhat of a trademark for Focal speakers is their inverted dome Beryllium tweeters, capable of covering more than five octaves (1000 Hz – 40 kHz). 

These are regarded by many as the one of the best (if not the best) tweeters in the world.  Beryllium is a unique material which can provide sensational linearity in the speaker’s response curve through its lightness, rigidity and damping. For domes with identical masses, Beryllium is seven times more rigid than Titanium or Aluminium, the latter two well known for their rigidity.

The research and development that Focal carry out for their reference speakers is to such a high-level that this ultimately trickles down the range and improves every product in their collection. This gives them a huge advantage when manufacturing their more affordable models over the other competition at that price point. They have even recently used their Beryllium technology on their new headphone range!

Focal pay incredible attention to every single part of the design. For example the Utopia range of speakers are designed to be mechanical time-aligned. This means that the drivers are positioned and angled exactly correct so that the sound from each individual driver will reach you at exactly the same time giving a precise and clear image. All Focal speakers are designed using a single wire crossover system, which allows for simplicity and puts their world leading drive units at the forefront of the sound. 

The Focal Group also own Naim Audio and because of this they make a fantastic pairing. When Focal test their loudspeakers most often they will use Naim, and when Naim test their amplifiers they will use Focal. So if you are looking a pair of Focal speaker it is worth considering Naim for the electronics also. 

We stock a large range of Focal speakers including the entire Sopra range, the Utopia range, Electra speaker and also their headphones. We are the only hi-fi showroom in the UK to have the behemoth Focal Grande Utopias on permanent demonstration.