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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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4B³ Stereo Power Amplifier


The Bryston 4B³ is a dual channel (stereo) amplifier which is acclaimed internationally as being suited for the finest and most sophisticated sound systems. It is currently the most popular Cubed Series model.

The 4B³ is a 300w per channel stereo power amplifier built to deliver power and precision in the way that Bryston has become known for. It is a very versatile amplifier which can drive almost any speaker well. It is convection cooled and housed in a fully aluminum chassis, with regulated power supplies to all voltage gain stages and independent power supplies for each channel.

Audio Esoterica reviewed 4B³ and concluded the following - " the A well-designed solid-state amplifier should fulfill the purest principles of music reproduction, accepting the input signal, then transparently and harmlessly delivering it to the transducers regardless of their inherent electrical demands, providing effortless and tight control of the drivers while manifesting boundless dynamic expression, detailed resolution and accurate tonality. In the 4B³, Bryston has covered all these bases covered... for at least 20 years."

Built like a tank, the Bryston amplifier range are some of the most reliable in the world. So much so in fact that the company even offers an incredibly 20 year warranty on their electronics. This is something that is almost unheard of in this modern age of hifi. 

The 4B3 is available in both silver and black finishes. 

We have this model on permanent demonstration in our showroom. 

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